Mission 2019: In Uttar Pradesh, small parties presenting themselves as game changers

By- Puneet Tripathi

Lucknow: As the election of the 2019 is approaching, the political parties have started putting electoral equations. In the next general elections in Uttar Pradesh, smaller parties such as Nishad Party, Apna Dal (S) and AIMIM may not get much seats, but they are presenting themselves as a potential 'game changer' in all the states in comparison to the BJP vs the opposition. Are there. In the assembly elections, small political organizations play an important role in transferring 'dedicated' votes to allies to the bank, but such parties in the Lok Sabha elections can not leave any big impact.

Although the Nishad Party, the Peace Party, its party (Sonalal), Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party (SBSP) and All India Majlis A Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) are presenting themselves as a key ally for the 2019 elections. These parties say that the transfer of vote bank in a close match will have a decisive impact on the state's results.

Nishad (our common party of weak India-exploited) party was formed for the empowerment of fishermen and boatmen dependent on rivers. Its founder Sanjay Nishad is a former member of the BSP. In 2016, the Uttar Pradesh in-charge of the Nishad Party said, "We are expecting five to six seats." Some small parties in the state want to join the opposition coalition, and some parties are also working with the BJP.

APNA DAL Will be with the BJP

One such  is its own party (Sonalal) whose leader, Anupriya Patel, is the Union Minister in the NDA government. His party (S) spokesman Arvind Sharma said, "Our alliance with BJP is from 2007 when our party founder was Sonalal Patel ... In 2019 we are fighting in the coalition with BJP." He said, "Strategy And the decision has not been decided yet. Theoretically we are together and we are a trusted partner of BJP. '

Owaisi will also make an announcement

Sharma said that there is a considerable population of Kurmi in Purvanchal. The party had done its vote in favor of the BJP candidates and it helped them win. Asimuddin Owaisi-led party AIMIM wants to debut in the state next year. AIMIM wants to compete with BJP by becoming part of the opposition alliance but is not happy with the response of the opposition parties so far.

AIMIM spokesman Asim Waqar said, "If the (opposition) coalition ignores us, then we will also ignore him altogether. We want to be part of the alliance. If he does not include AIMM, then it is a political party and will contest elections. 'He insisted that without the alliance of small parties, it would not be possible to stop BJP in 2019 and his party would prove to be' game changer '.

Peace party will go with opposition alliance

On the other hand, the Peace Party also wants to compete with the BJP by becoming a part of the opposition coalition. Party President Mohammed Ayub said, "Whatever the bye-elections have happened, the Peace Party was with the opposition coalition. In the next Lok Sabha elections next year, we will fight as part of the opposition coalition.

Another small party Suhail Dev Bhartiya Samaj Party (SBSSP) wants to register its presence in the next election. The party was founded in 2002. Party leader Om Prakash Rajbhar is a minister in the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh. SBSP has made it clear that it will only fight with the saffron party in the next Lok Sabha elections when its former conditions will be fulfilled on the reservation.

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